Care & Repair Guidelines

Stedfast understands and values the importance of a well-maintained set of bunker gear. It is important that each fire department and care and repair facility also contributes to the longevity of each component of the suit. There is a long list of simple actions that can be taken directly by the fire department to help maintain the gear. Avoiding UV exposure, appropriate storage and cleaning the gear are a few of many different preventative actions.

For a detailed overview of our suggested Care & Repair Guidelines please review the following PDF:

NFPA 1851-2008: Care and Maintenace of Protective Ensembles for Firefighting:

Follow the guidelines outlined in NFPA 1851 (2008 ed.) when caring for NFPA 1971 (2007 ed.) compliant
turnout gear. As far as Stedair moisture barriers are concerned, no deviations from this standard shall
be made.


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